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Our firm continuously strives to be the Premier Accounting and Consultancy firm that provides excellent service to our clients and an excellent quality of life for our associates. We are a solution oriented company and your needs are our greatest concern.

Our Objective

We are committed to creating and sustaining long-term relationships which drawn on our experience and expertise to help our clients achieve real success

Excellence in Service

To not just meet but exceed client expectation consistently by imbibing Teamwork, Professionalism, Personalised Service & Specialisation.

Financial Infrastructure

We operate in complete computerised environment. The firm together with the associate firm has well qualified, highly trained and strongly motivated man power

Who we are


Our essence is rooted in being honest and straight-forward. Our advices come from age-old experience and we only advocate what we truly believe.

Our experience

With more then 30 year of experience,we provide you with the excellent accountancy advice that you deserve

Our Services

We provide real world solutions to complex business issues through audit and assurance functions, taxation-international and domestic, startup in India, company formation in India and foreign investment in India etc

Startup Services

We provide complete Startup advisory services including Startup registrations, business idea validation, financial modeling.

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Audit & Assurance

We provide various Auditing & Assurance Services to Companies and Firms and Trusts. Audit includes thorough verification of evidences, vouchers & certifications.
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Direct Taxation

Direct tax consultancy together with innovative tax efficient strategies, provided by us form an integral part of viable business decisions. These help our clients attain the desired goals.
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Indirect Taxation

Our indirect tax professionals have wide-ranging experience and in-depth knowledge of the various indirect taxes such as Value Added Tax /Central Sales Tax, service tax, excise duty, entry tax and other indirect taxes.
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Company Secretarial Work

We provides complete services with respect to company matters including all procedural requirements right from the pre-incorporation stage.

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Financing Advisory

we offer a broad cross-section of financial products and solutions, including debt and equity capital raising, advisory, corporate lending, leveraged finance, asset and structured finance.
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M/s Pratap Rastogi & Associates was founded in 1989.
Fighting to reduce your tax.

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Important FAQ

Incorporation to a limited company from a sole trader or a partnership can avoid the payment of Class 4 NIC charged on business profits for the self employed and can reduce personal tax liabilities by controlling the amount of money drawn from the company in the form of dividends and salary. However, each case is different. Please contact us if you wish to investigate this opportunity further.

A CPA has demonstrated professional competence by passing a rigorous examination and meeting high standards of education. In addition, they must meet strict continuing education requirements, undergo peer review, and adhere to a stringent set of ethical standards.

It is imperative that you contact a CPA. You will need to discuss the organization of your company for tax purposes as well as numerous other issues relating to operations, not the least of which will be setting your target pricing and gross profit margins. Don’t wait until the year-end to have this discussion. You could be making decisions without the proper advice, and that could wind up hurting you financially or legally.

Can an accountant help a new business owner? Remember, the issue to be address is “What level of professional do I need at any particular point in time?” An accountant has some advantages. Accountants are unlicensed, this translates into lesser fees. This also translates into a lesser level of professional service. Routine accounting work is appropriate for an accountant. The IRS restricts accountants’ ability to represent taxpayers. CPAs and accountants often work in tandem. Accountants will perform the accounting work to the point where a CPA can address the more complex issues. Having accountants do pre-CPA level work saves money.
You need a CPA when: the IRS wants you for any reason, your professional needs are complicated, bankers or whoever needs financial statements and when your accountant does not understand and/or cannot explain the issues. Non-CPA prepared business reports are not considered to be financial statements and have limited third party acceptance. Most importantly you need a CPA BEFORE the circumstances above occur. Establish a relationship with a CPA early in your business formation, or now if you are already a business, so that he can give you guidance and keep you away from the pitfalls.

You may deduct the running costs you incur to earn your profit (for example the cost of your stock, rent, motoring and so on). But if the expense is not wholly & exclusively for business use then it may not be allowable.

Where a definite part of an expense is incurred solely for your business the cost of that part is allowable. For example a telephone bill can be split between business and private calls and the proportion of the costs including line rentals relating to business calls is allowable.

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